Anex M-Type 2in1 Pram System-Mocco (2021)


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Anex M-Type is a stroller for thoes who are constantly in motion and like off-road strolls. It includes all qualities that a great stoller must have: a combination of eco-friendly materials and high technologies. Straight forward in control, easy in mantenance, and comfortable for a child. Features of M-Type stollers are base on usability for parents as well as confort, and safty for kids. Therefore, the stroller allows one to get real pleasure from versatile and all-terrain walks. FEATURES: Easy Care- It is easy to take off the sewing for washing to keep your stroller working properly and looking good. UV 50+- This stroller made of fabric with UV 50+ technology allowing it to absord more than 50% of ultraviolet radiation. Water-repellent fabric- Stroller made of fabric with a water-repellent impregnation called waterproof. Drops of waterslide down without penetrating into the fabric. Face2Face- The optimal height for placing the cradle and the seat unit. The child is always in the parents’ field of vision. Air-free wheel system- Wear resistant and elastic wheels. These wheels consist of solid polyurthane. Comfy Stop- The Comfy stop brake system is activated and deactivated simply by pressing a pedal. Thnaks to reliable breaks, your stroller will not move out of the position. X-Lock- The stroller features an automatic protection system against accidental frame folding called X-Lock Anti-wobble & Direction memory- An anti-wobble system prvents wheel vibration during the stroller’s motion and provides a straight and smooth ride. Two cup holders on R and L side- There are two places for cupholders and the frame. One the right side and one on the left. Removable bumper- This system facilitates easy adjusting of the bumper in the seat unit. Durable basket- The basket can withstand heavy load. However, do not load the basket with more than 5kg according to all standards. DIMENSIONS: Stroller with carrycot-Length 110cm, Height 123cm, Width 60cm, Weight 13, 95kg Stroller wit