Babymoov U Shape Maternity Pillow-Terracotta


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The B. LOVE organic cotton maternity pillow is supportive and relaxing. Enjoy unrivalled comfort whilst bonding with your baby thanks to the extremely fine, silent microbeads. Mums-to-be know that a maternity pillow is exactly what they need for a great night’s sleep before their baby is born! This pillow is designed to soothe any pregnancy-related aches and pains (backache, lumbar pain, tightness in the lower abdomen, heavy legs, etc.). It fits around you whatever position you are in with its ergonomic shape and ultra fine microbeads. B. LOVE also brings you unrivalled comfort with its super soft and stretchy organic cotton cover. Whether you are sitting or lying down, in bed or on the sofa, the pillow moulds to your body shape to create a cosy cocoon of softness. You can even use it in your pre-natal yoga class, open or closed using its fastening system. Once you’ve brought baby home, this adaptable pillow takes on a new lease of life! It can be used for easier breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Its slightly sloped shape means you will always be at the right height and in a comfortable position, whilst its thinner ends are great for propping against your back. A fastening system holds the pillow in place and leaves your hands free for feeding your baby. Here at Babymoov, we love products that last a lifetime. That’s why you can use your pillow for reading or chilling out in front of the television. What’s more, the pillow has a secure zip fastening so it can be refilled with microbeads. In a terracotta colour featuring ethnic motifs in warm shades, this cushion brings style to your home. To take care of future generations, we are gradually changing our manufacturing and consumption methods as well as working together to embrace more environmentally-friendly practices: – The B. Love maternity pillow is made in Europe, thereby minimising our manufacturing carbon footprint – As a hallmark of environmental responsibility, the pillow carries Oeko-Tex (R) certification to