Kinderkraft Livy & Calmee Highchair-Wood


LIVY will accompany your child through every stage of life. It has 4 functions: it is a high bouncer, an original feeding chair and a pre-schooler?s and adult’s chair in one ? up to 110 kg weight capacity! It supports your child’s development from his first moments at home in the bouncer, his first attempts to eat on his own in the highchair, and his first desk to develop his passion. LIVY’s innovative design is the work of Dutch designers ? Bas Otten and Camille de Vrede. Together they have combined the latest interior design trends with well-thought-out functional solutions and principles of ergonomics. Thanks to the combination of these features, the chair will not only be an excellent support for your child’s growing spine but also an exceptional piece of furniture and an integral part of the home landscape for years to come. Features: 4-in-1 multifunctional chair ? functions as a high bouncer, a feeding chair, a chair with railing and chair for a teenager or a parent A chair for the whole family ? LIVY will serve your child from birth up to 110 kg. Does your little one need help with drawing? You can easily sit in the chair with your child on your lap A high bouncer from birth onwards ? The bouncer can be used together with the highchair or on its own. Thanks to the hanging toys, your baby will exercise his small motor skills Easy seat adjustment ? the 4-step height adjustment allows your baby to eat or play at tables and kitchen islands of different heights Adjustable footrest ? adjust the chair precisely to your growing child, supporting your little one’s posture Minimalistic Dutch design ? LIVY was created by Dutch designers (Bas Otten and Camille de Vrede), combining the latest interior trends with ergonomics and versatility Adjustable depth ? the seat can be adjusted in 3 stages, matching the depth to your growing child and their current body weight Support of the spine ? it is extremely important to take care of your baby’s correct posture. That’s why LIV