Kinderkraft Minibi Balance Bike-Candy Pink


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Kinderkraft Tricycle MINIBI Honey Yellow the first gorgeous push toy for your child! Your little one will fall in love with it at first sight ? the design is stunning and will encourage active play both at home and outdoors. The soft seat, puncture-resistant wheels and beautiful frame all contribute to a fantastic adventure. As a push toy, MINIBI supports learning to walk and balance, and then ? once your youngster is able to take their first independent steps ? it?ll be a safe ride-on and mini trike. The low, rounded frame allows children to learn through play already from the age of 12 months. MINIBI is ready to ride: the easy assembly means the trike can be used immediately after receiving the product. And thanks to the easy cleaning, MINIBI will always encourage your little one to be active thanks to its colours and good looks. The combination of a ride on, balance bike and trike means your little one will have lots of fun learning to ride. Your child will train their balance, strengthen their muscles and improve their motor coordination. The small size, low weight and lightweight design make MINIBI the ideal vehicle for youngsters ? from 12 months and 74 cm in height. This means you can start your bike-riding adventure together sooner! The EVA foam wheels are ideal for both indoors and outdoors. They?re durable and have good grip. At home, they won?t scratch your floor, and are quiet. They don?t require pumping up. The width of the wheels guarantees stability. FEATURES: 2-in-1 ? trike and ride on From 12 months Small, lightweight, comfortable For home and outdoors Teaches coordination Unique design. Soft, adjustable seat Wide foam wheels Lightweight design DIMENSIONS: Product dimensions: 50 x 25. 4 x 39. 1cm Seat dimensions: 12. 9 x 21. 6cm