Kinderkraft Movi Travel Cot-Pink


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Playing together and being with the parent allows you to build a bond with the child. Those moments create beautiful memories that will stay in yourmemory forever. However, having a toddler with you all the time is quite difficult with so many dangers around. All you need to do is buy a product that will take up two times less space, and at the same time will provide your child with a safe space to play. This is the 2-in-1 MOVI crib by Kinderkraft. Together with MOVI, you will be able to enjoy playing together at home and during trips, without worrying about an extra crib, space for baggage or mobility. MOVI will serve you as an independent baby crib and playpen. The system of simple and quick folding and light construction allow for easy transport, so you can easily take it with you on vacation. It is a practical crib – the bottom can be set on 2 levels, so it can also suit the new-borns. The setting at the highest level will also allow the parent’s back to rest – putting away the baby, who cannot yet change his/her lying position, is much more comfortable. Thanks to an additional exit, the MOVI crib can also be used as a playpen. The baby will be able to leave it freely, of course under the watchful eye of the parent. MOVI can become a portable, safe playground for your child! The possibility of setting a soft mattress on two levels and its rounded corners, trimmed with a soft and easy-to-clean material make MOVI a safe crib that you can use both at home and outside. It has a slim structure, thanks to which it looks very light. If you love to travel, from now on trips with your baby will be even more enjoyable! Or maybe you are just looking for a crib that will look beautiful in your home? MOVI will work in both cases. FEATURES: 2-in-1 MOVI crib can be used as a baby crib and playpen. Thanks to its easy folding, you can effortlessly take it with you on a trip. Separate entrance – thanks to it, the older child will be able to freely leave the playpen while playing.