Little Helper Funpod Toddler Kitchen Safety Stand-Black


The Fun Pod TM is suitable for children aged 1-6 Years and has 5 adjustable height settings allowing for children’s growth so that at whatever child’s height, the top of the Fun Pod TM is always at chest height to ensure the child’s safety. Child safety within the kitchen need no longer be a worry. Or entertaining your child at home come to that. With a lifespan of 3 years, the Fun Pod TM can be used when your toddler starts to walk unaided. Standing on an adjustable footplate, they drop levels as he or she grows. There are 5 settings accommodating the average height of a 12 month baby up to a toddler of 4 so at whatever level, the top of the Fun Pod TM is always at chest height for safety reasons. Simply lift them in and let them help you with the washing up or preparation of the day’s meal. It’s a great way of keeping them away from electrical or hot appliances in the kitchen, not to mention stimulation or child development. The child must be able to stand unaided in order to use the Fun Pod TM safely. It is important that the child’s chest is in line with the top of the Fun Pod TM for safety. Adjust the level accordingly. Features: Your child can safely stand unaided at the same standard kitchen worktop height as Mum and Dad Spend quality bonding time with your little one and have fun together Teach your child valuable nutritional life skills in the kitchen as you work and play Fully adjustable height means the Fun Pod will grow with your child and last for years Most children stay in the Fun Pod until around 6 years old Contemporary design and quality finish. Looks fab in any kitchen Avoid that dangerous situation of trying to balance your child on the kitchen side or chair while you prepare dinner Prevent your child from reaching dangerous kitchen items like the kettle, knives, hot surfaces Solves the problem of keeping your child safe, occupied and happy in one place, whilst teaching them valuable life skills Dimensions: L 51 x W 51. 9 x H 84. 7 cm Weight: 13 kg Material: MFMDF

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