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If you want both comfort and luxury all in one for your angel ? welcome the Maxi-Cosi Iora Co-sleeper into your lives. We want you to have peace of mind and that?s exactly what this crib will provide you with. Not only will your little one fall into the most peaceful slumber in their Iora, but you can also rest easy knowing they?re sleeping in luxury, and only an arm?s reach away from mama. Suitable from birth to approx. 9kg or 6 months old, this bedside sleeper is sophisticated, adjustable and its mattress comfort can?t be beaten. Rest assured, your babe will have the sweetest of dreams in their Iora. We know how important it is to make those special bonds with your angel. Thanks to the Iora?s five varying height positions and easy co-sleeping slide function, you and your bub can lay side by side with no qualms. And if you?re off on your jolly?s or your little one is having a sleepover at Granny and Gramps? house ? don?t worry! The Iora has you covered because it can be easily folded and on its way in its convenient travel bag. There?s nothing more important than a safe and sound night?s sleep to prepare you for the next day ahead. With the Iora ? that?s exactly what your babe will get. Better yet, whether you need to change a nappy or pop on fresh sheets during the night, look no further than the Iora?s handy storage basket! And when your not so little one starts to grow and needs their own space ? just move the Iora to their own grownup bedroom. Its super comfy mattress and strong frame means it?s perfect for doubling up as a stand-alone crib. And the familiar environment will guarantee a dreamy night?s sleep for your sweetheart. Plus, the Iora comes with two organic bedsheets for free! What more could you want? If you need advice on transitioning your babe from crib to cot, have a peek at our blog regarding the sleeping stages. FEATURES: Close bonding ? bedside sleeper so mama and baby can make those all-important connections. Comfy mattress ? for sending your l