OK BABY Onda Support Bars For Baby Bath-White


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The cleverly designed Onda Support bars can be used to fix the OKBaby® Onda Baby Bath or Onda Evolution Baby Bath across most standard adult baths, raising the baby bath to a comfortable level for bathing. Using your baby bath directly over the adult bath removes the need to lift or carry a heavy, full tub to the bath to empty it and keeps most of the splashing where it belongs! The expanding non-slip durable support bars adjust in size (min 53cm ? max 75cm) and can be easily fixed directly (with the screw pack included) to the Onda Baby Bath or the Onda Evolution Baby Bath. Features: Expanding support bars Designed to fix the OKBaby® Onda or Onda Evolution bath tubs across most standard adult baths Non-slip rubber edges Bars adjust for different widths of adult baths (min 53cm ? max 75cm) Requires adult bath tub edge to be minimum width of 2cm Designed and manufactured in Italy Dimensions: 66x12x10 Net weight 1. 71kg