Owlet Monitor Duo / Smart Sock 3 + Cam 2 – Bedtime Blue


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A lot can happen while your baby sleeps, but a traditional baby monitor can only tell you so much. The Owlet Monitor Duo goes beyond the capabilities of any other baby monitor for the most complete picture of your baby?s wellness while they sleep. Duo offers intelligence of our award-winning Smart Sock paired with the Owlet Cam. Track the most important indicators of your baby?s health-like oxygen level and heart rate – and receive a notification if your baby?s readings preset ?safe? zones. See and hear your baby clearly through a secure, encrypted connection directly on your smartphone from anywhere. Know when your baby needs you and see when they?re sleeping peacefully, so you can do the same. Millions of parents around the world trust Owlet every night to help them keep their babies safe while they sleep. For iOS 8. 0 or higher and Android 5. 0 or higher Wi-Fi required for Owlet App FEATURES Tracks heart rate and oxygen using proven pulse oximetry technology Measures sleep trends – view total hours slept, number of wakings, sleep quality and more Fits babies 0-18 months – fabric sock fits 5lbs – 30lbs, for both left and right feet 16-hour battery – get 8 hours in 20 mins and a full charge in 90 mins See and hear your baby with HD video, night vision, twoway audio, sound, motion, and cry notifications Get a clear picture of your baby with 130?wide angle lens, 4x digital zoom and a room temperature sensor DIMENSIONS Camera weight: approx. 400g Camera measurements: L2. 2″ x H4. 1″ x W2. 2

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