Owlet Smart Sock 3 Bundle-Wild Child (2022)


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Monitor your baby?s wellbeing while they sleep with the award-winning Owlet Smart Sock 3. Trusted by millions of parents around the world, the Smart Sock 3 tracks your baby?s oxygen levels and heart rate readings with proven pulse oximetry technology that goes beyond the capabilities of any other baby monitor. The Owlet Smart Sock 3 will immediately send alerts to the Base Station and Owlet App if readings leave pre-set safe zones, so that you know when baby really needs you. The free Owlet App also allows you to receive insights with the sleep history feature which can be used to create new routines as your baby grows. Features: Uses accurate and proven pulse-oximetry technology to monitor baby?s oxygen level and heart rate while they sleep. Battery life: 16 hours (get 8 hours in 20 mins or a full charge in 90 mins) Quick drop-and-go wireless charging on Base Station. Base Station glows green when readings are normal and flashes red light and plays sounds when readings leave pre-set zones. Get notifications on your phone in real time by using the free Owlet App. Owlet App tracks sleep history, sleep trends, heart rate, and oxygen levels. The Smart Sock works with the Base Station in the event of Wi-Fi disruption. Comfortably wraps around baby?s foot and can connect to a base station up to 100ft away. Includes: Smart Sock Sensor Mint Fabric socks – x2 left, x2 right Wild Child Fabric socks – x2 left, x2 right Base Station Charging cords Power adapter User guide