Purflo Baby Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog 9-18m-Minimal Grey (NEW)


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The Purflo Baby Sleep Bag 2. 5 Tog 9-18m is a fresh take on the traditional baby sleep bag. Featuring removable arms, sustainable and hypoallergenic materials and travel friendly design, this sleep bag is a true all rounder. Purflo are dedicated to creating useful products that parents will love and worked alongside parents to create the perfect sleep bag that covered every aspect of their needs. This exciting new sleep bag features removeable arms that can be attached or detached via zips to ensure baby can use the Purflo Sleep Bag all year round, whatever the temperature. Another practical feature of the Purflo Baby Sleep Bag is the travel friendly design. Travelling with a sleeping baby in a pushchair or car seat with a 3-point or 5-point harness system is now easier than ever. Purflo Baby Sleep Bags provide a safer alternative to sheets and blankets and is an ?All Seasons? tog. Purflo have designed their new sleep bags in line with the latest safety advice and standards. Sleep bags stop babies from being able to kick off their covers and the Purflo range gives you peace of mind they are sleeping safe and sound all year round. Features: Removable sleeves: The Purflo Baby Sleep Bag is versatile and offers a sleep bag option that is truly ?All Seasons?. In cooler months, keep the sleep bag arms attached to make baby cosy and then in summer months, simply unzip the arms to allow air to flow more freely. Breathable panels: Purflo keeps breathability at the forefront of all its product design. The Baby Sleep Bags feature the Purflo signature breathable panels to increase ventilation around baby?s chest to avoid overheating. It is recommended that babies should always sleep on their backs and sometimes they can get a little too warm around the base of their neck. The Purflo Baby Sleep Bag helps provide ventilation to this common hot spot, keeping baby comfortable and safe. Hypoallergenic: The Purflo Baby Sleep Bags are made using the safest materials to provide baby a h

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