The Little Green Sheep Natural Twist Cot Mattress -60x120cm


The multi-award-winning Little Green Sheep Twist Mattress has been beautifully handmade for your precious new-born baby, in the most natural way. Using only the highest quality natural materials, our Dual-Sided Twist Mattress core has been designed to provide little ones with the natural comfort they need for the best nights sleep. Featuring a firm supportive core for your baby as recommended by safe sleep experts, our Dual-sided Twist Mattresses offer the ultimate in natural comfort, with a durable yet supportive layer of latex for even support and weight distribution as they grow from a baby, to toddler and beyond. A layer of natural latex (derived from the Hevea tree) is blended with the naturally occurring mineral graphite to provide a comfy, progressive support that makes for a natural alternative to memory foam. This layer works with the Coconut Coir core to provide the correct progressive support for your toddler as they grow. Use this side up for Toddlers. Features: UK’s Best Selling Natural Mattress Two types of support in one mattress: Support 1: Baby, firm as recommended by safe sleep experts Support 2: Toddler/Child, a softer medium-level support for extra comfort Free from toxins and harmful chemicals Breathable and anti-dust mite Luxury quilted Herringbone cotton cover Dimensions: 60X120CM

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